Sun & Sol Beach Boat Fun Tour

Sun & Sol Beach Boat Fun Tour

Sun & Sol Beach Boat Fun Tour

Starting For: $300 dlls

Tour Information

Would you like pass a day enjoying the beach, snorkeling around isla and enjoying cool drinks onboard meanwhile we await the sunset??? I have a new service "Sun & Sol Beach Boat Sunset Trip"

Capacity: 1-4 passengers
4 HOURS - $350 USD
6 HOURS - $400 USD

Capacity: 4-6 passengers
4 HOURS - $300 USD
6 HOURS - $350 USD

But if you become client of indios already with a golf cart ask for a discount or extra time...

including beers, water, my home made margarita mix or cocofais (coconut water with vodka)... Depending what you like more we add it more of drinks but normal we start with (12 packs of beers to choice, one jar 2 liters margarita and one jar of vodka cocofais or you can make a choice and ask more beers if not like the others...

Customized and a big and tasty ceviche on board especial receipt!!! You can ask wich would you like in it between octopus, shrimp, shell or fish or mixed!!!

We initially can do few snorkel round the sinked boat close to Cancun or other areas... Visit some spots not crowded and get in north beach for await their sunset

Guaranteed a good party day on boat and the beach (4 pax pricing, extra pax 50 usd)

We all the crew use NK95 and glasses for you be free and avoid use... We also take a round to the island and meanwhile we cruise we can drop a fishing line for get some extra fun meanwhile having some luck can meet a family of dolphins in the area!!!

And we will take a look inside the makax lagoon.

In case you wish you can let me know for reservation 2 days prior for check forecast and availability welcome.